• Cloud migrations
  • Digital transformations of business operations
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Few examples of completed and ongoing projects:

Establishment of ICT systems and operations

  • systems, applications/software, services and equipment: acquisitions and implementations

Enterprise ICT development programs

  • cloud-based extranet: flexible, secure and cost effective information & document management across enterprise entities
  • various systems transformations towards simplified, reliable, flexible and easy to maintain services: standardisation, cloud services and virtualisations (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and CaaS)
  • mobile solutions: systems transformation towards mobility requirements
  • customer relationship management systems (CRM, ETMS, SFM) reformation and replacement projects


  • servers and workstations virtualisations, e.g. key data legacy systems' migrations to virtual environment

Open source code development projects

  • open source internet forum: association documents, material bank and discussion board
  • open source code Engine Management System and test system
  • virtual Engine Management System stimulation
  • CAN and LIN bus analyses and coding
  • project pictures:
proj_01 proj_02 proj_03 proj_04 proj_05